Icefall Snow Trekking Yamagata's spectacular snow trekking! Enter the world of ice like in the movies. Guide accompanying and equipment rental available, even beginners of snowy mountains can participate!

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[January 6th to March 20th] This is a snow trekking aimed at a frozen waterfall called HYOBAKU in Yamagata Zao. Every winter, the entire gigantic waterfall freezes, creating an icefall approximately 30 meters high and several dozen meters wide. The power cannot be conveyed in photos. This area, which has long attracted ice climbing enthusiasts, is known as the Ice Garden, and is an icy world straight out of a movie. Step into the world of ice at Senninzawa Ice Garden in search of unknown, spectacular views. <Charm of the plan> ・Hot water provision: The guide will provide hot water during lunch time, so there is no need to bring a mountain climbing burner. ・Portable toilet: We will bring a tent-type portable toilet, so women do not have to worry about using the toilet. ・Photo gift: During the tour, the guide will take photos and give you the data for free on the day of the tour. To go there, head mainly downhill from the lift end of Zao Riser World Ski Resort, aiming for the icefall. The end of the second lift is a frost-covered area with a series of large ice monsters. You can also enjoy viewing ice monsters. From the end of the lift, put on your crampons and trek for about an hour to Senninzawa Ice Garden. Rental snowshoes are the latest gear that has just been introduced. When you arrive, have lunch while looking at the icefall. The guide will provide you with hot water, so please bring a warm lunch such as cup noodles. In addition, a tent-type portable toilet can be set up during lunch, so you can use the restroom. You can stay hydrated without worrying about going to the toilet. After enjoying the mysterious world of ice, climb back up the steep slope and change into snowshoes. Walk on the fluffy fresh snow, slide on your butt, and enjoy walking down the mountain to the ski resort without using the lift on the way back. Those who have never experienced mountain climbing in snowy mountains can participate, but they must have the physical strength to carry a backpack and walk for more than 4 hours on their own feet. There are some steep descents and climbs. If the route to the icefall is not safe to walk due to field conditions, we may change to walking around the area using snowshoes. <Equipment used> Snowshoes: ATLAS Helium BC 23,26 (mountain snowshoes with innovative lightweight and portability) Stock: Montbell Fall Line Pole (lightweight stock for backcountry use) Light crampons: Montbell Snowspikes 10 (required on steep slopes up to the icefall) Helmet: Montbell Alpine Helmet (wear when approaching the icefall. Store in backpack while moving) <What is included in the price> Guide fee, insurance fee, consumption tax, lift fee <What is not included in the price> Rental of essential gear: 3,000 yen (snowshoes, poles, light crampons, helmet), parking lot fee (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only; free on weekdays) <Change/cancellation fee> The cancellation policy is at the bottom of this page. Reservations can be changed free of charge until 18:00 the day before. *Target age: 10 years or older *If you have a chronic illness or are concerned about your physical strength, please consult us in advance. *Pets are not allowed. *Our guides can speak English, so English speakers are welcome to join. <About transportation> ・By car The tour ends at different times depending on the day, so it is convenient to access by car. Parking lot management cooperation fee of 1,000 yen will be charged only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Free on weekdays. ・By public transportation One shuttle bus from Zao Onsen is available on specific days, mainly Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays from January to February. On your way back, you can take the same shuttle bus back to Zao Onsen, or you can use the shuttle bus (White Echo) that goes down towards Kaminoyama Onsen Station. Zao Onsen Shuttle Bus Timetable https://yamagatakanko.com/lsc/upfile/topics/0000/0499/499_d003_file.pdf White Echo Timetable http://www.zaoliza.co.jp/wntr/dede0e9fb25b5a1baeda1f57c5648e7d41b0c33a.pdf ・By taxi A taxi from Kaminoyama Onsen Station will cost around 7,000 yen one way. Round-trip reservations are available for 13,200 yen (tax included) per car. (Up to 4 people per car. Equivalent to 3,300 yen per person) Please make a reservation here at least 3 days in advance. Kaminoyama Taxi Person in charge: Nakano 023-672-1122 It will go smoothly if you mention "Yamagata Experience HYOBAKU Tour". We also have a taxi that seats 9 people. Please contact Kaminoyama Taxi for the price.

  • Days of Week


  • Duration

    5 hours

  • Adult (ages 10+)

    JPY 9,000


  • Schedule

  • Pickup / Checkin

    • 9:00

      Zao Liza World gathering

      Please come prepared and ready for the meeting time.

    • 9:30

      Get on the lift and let's go!

      You can also admire the Ice Monster (frost-covered trees) from the top of the lift.

    • 10:00

      At the end of the lift, put on your crampons and head to Senninzawa Ice Garden.

      We will walk through the pure white snowy mountains.

    • 11:00

      Arrived at Senninzawa Ice Garden. lunch time

      Lunch time while watching the icefall spreading out in front of you

    • 12:00

      Leave the icefall and return

      On the way back, we walk down the mountain without using the lift.

    • 14:00

      Arrive at ski resort

      Thank you for the wonderful tour.

  • Checkin Times / Locations

    • 9:00

      Zao Liza World

      Your guide will be waiting for you inside the building where the restaurant is located.

Add-ons / Transportation

  • Add-ons

    • Rental of essential gear

      The price is for a 4-piece set of snowshoes, poles, light crampons, and a helmet. Those who do not have these gears will not be able to participate in the tour. If you would like to rent only part of the item, please leave a comment in the "Requests" section for a discount. If you bring light crampons, please bring at least 10 nails.

      Adult (ages 10+)JPY 3,000

Plan Information

  • What's Included

    • Guide Fee
    • Insurance fee
    • Taxes
    • lift fee
  • What's Not Included

    • Rental of essential gear: 3,000 yen (snowshoes, poles, light crampons, helmet)
    • Parking fee (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays only. Free on weekdays)
  • Requirements

    • Target age: 10 years old and above
  • What to Bring

    • --- Things you definitely need to prepare ---
    • Cold-weather clothing (cold-proof/waterproof tops and bottoms such as ski wear. Please bring warm enough clothing in case of weather below -10 degrees Celsius)
    • Climbing shoes (high cut, cold and waterproof. You can also participate in winter boots or snow boots, but you will need to wear thick socks or two layers of socks to prevent your feet from moving too much inside the shoes.)
    • knit cap (covers the ears)
    • Gloves (warm ones, such as ones for skiing. *Cotton gloves and woolen gloves are not good because they get wet and allow wind to pass through.)
    • Rucksack (20 liters or more; light crampons and helmet will be stored in the backpack during the tour)
    • Lunch (bread and cup noodles, etc. Hot water will be provided.)
    • Drinks (water bottles filled with warm drink. Plastic bottles may freeze)
    • Snowshoes, poles, 10 or more light crampons, helmet (rental available)
    • --The following are things that are good to have--
    • Gator spats (things that are attached to the ankles to prevent snow from getting into the shoes)
    • Down jacket or fleece (for use during breaks)
    • Thin gloves or work gloves (for use when eating)
    • Heat pad
    • Sunglasses
  • Cancellation Policies

    JPY 0

    8 days before to 18:00

    JPY 550

    4 days before to 18:00

    JPY 2,200

    1 day before to 18:00

    After 18:00, 1 day before


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  • 5

    Participation Date: 2024-02



    氷瀑へ行く途中沢に降りる急斜面でも、スコップで階段を作って降りやすくしてくれたり、お昼には熱いお湯を用意して温かいカップヌードルが食べることができました。 決して危ないところへは近づかせない固い意志をキャプテンから感じたので、安心して楽しむことができました。 雪が少ないのが残念でしたが、晴れていたので山の上からの景色はすごく素晴らしかったです。 今度は冬以外のアクティビティも参加したいと思います。


    Posted Date: 2024/02/20



  • 5

    Participation Date: 2024-02

    Friends / Colleagues


    雪山自体、ほぼ初めての体験でした。 この日は運良く好天に恵まれ、リフトで上ると、吾妻連峰から出羽三山まで、いっきに見渡せる、最高のパノラマでのスタート。一瞬、氷瀑を忘れてしまうほど... 途中、急な斜面を下る場面もガイドさんがしっかりサポートしてくれるので、安心して前へ。ワクワクしながら進むと... 圧巻の光景。日常ではない世界に心が奪われます。 連日の暖かさで規模が小さめとの事でしたが、それならばまた来年も参加しようと目標ができました。 楽しいツアーを作って頂いたガイドさん達に感謝です。


    Posted Date: 2024/02/19



  • 5

    Participation Date: 2024-02

    Friends / Colleagues


    昨年に引き続き氷爆ツアーに参観させてい頂きました。厳しい坂でもガイドさんが道を作ってくれて、安全に氷爆に引率してもらいました。帰りのスノーシューも楽しくふかふかの新雪を堪能できてとても楽しかったです! 日程が合えばカヌーも体験してみたいです🎵今回もありがとうございました!


    Posted Date: 2024/02/19



  • 5

    Participation Date: 2024-02



    氷瀑を見ることをメインに参加しましたが、氷瀑だけでなく、アイゼンやスノーシューを履いての雪山トレッキングはめちゃめちゃ楽しかったです!途中スライディングもできて興奮。日本で何本かしかない「ねじれ杉」からパワーももらい、大満足のツアーでした。もちろん、氷瀑は感動もので、自然ってすごいなぁって改めて感じました。 ガイド2人の安全を考慮したツアーに安心して参加できました。他の参加者の方とも仲良くなれて良かったです。



    Posted Date: 2024/02/18



  • 5

    Participation Date: 2024-02

    Friends / Colleagues


    この度は大変お世話になりました。天気にも恵まれ、素晴らしい景観に感動しました。ふかふかの雪との戯れも楽しかったです✨ アイゼン、スノーシューの付け方 、安全に対する構え、地形、などきちんとご指導いただいたこと、一歩一歩足場を整備していただき、初心者の私でも安心して参加できました。 ありがとうございました。 山形県人として、こんな素晴らしい自然があることに誇りを感じています。いつまでも守っていけることを願っています。 写真ありがとうございました。 友達とまた来年参加参加しようねと約束しています。 宜しくお願いします。 皆さんお元気でね🤗


    Posted Date: 2024/02/12



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